Where will 2009 take you?

Well here we are in a new year (already!) and I just wanted to do a quick post and say thanks to all supporters of our great blog and hope everyone had a “successful” new year’s eve (I’m looking at you Laura and Martin…).

I also wanted to post a video that has made its rounds all over the music blogs, but for good reason, Damien Jurado is simply incredible and the video for “Caskets” is truly a masterpiece from Matt Daniels.  You must watch it, but it is the 2nd or 3rd time that it really takes off, you start to notice the smaller things…the backgrounds, the almost missed expressions.  This one is truly great.

Damien Jurado, “Caskets” from Matt Daniels on Vimeo.

As a bonus, take a copy of Damien Jurado’s great track “Texas to Ohio” from Jurado’s 2003 release “Where Shall You Take Me?”.  Fitting for this post, don’t ya think?  I can certainly say 2009 is looking to include quite a bit of great new music and we hope to be part of it (and not soo secretly hope DJ has some new material as well).

Visit Damien Jurado on his Website, Secretly Canadian Website and MySpace page.

Take care everyone, we are looking forward to another great year here on You Crazy Dreamers!


2 Responses to “Where will 2009 take you?”

  • Happy New Year everyone!!

    and yes, I had a quite “successful NYE” Trini ;)

    Great video, I love that song…

    Jurado @ Schubas back in sept. is definately on my top ten list of shows/concerts I saw in 08…

  • Ha, I just heard from “around” that you were quite successful! And for anyone reading this, it isn’t what you think!!

    I also would have killed for Jurado at Schubas Tavern, I have never been there, but feel like it is a must visit in my future…

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