Jessica Lea Mayfield – With Blasphemy So Heartfelt

Yeah ok so i may be two or three years late with this one but who gives a shit really? Well, i say two or three years late but who’s to tell these days when something is self-released, then perhaps released on a small label in their own country and then re-re-released when it’s picked up in the UK and europe? There is no official release date as such and as I say, does it really matter? As long as you are hearing about it is what’s important right?

At the moment there seems to be a few young, ballsy female singer/songwriters making their mark, there’s Caitlin Rose whose really taken off in the UK since wowing audiences everywhere she went during the summer (actually becoming the headline act at end of the road festival when the original one pulled out), a sharp tongued country girl who seems to live and play hard but also writes great country songs that belies her age.

Then there’s Audra Mae from Oklahoma who has a voice as good as anyone i’ve heard in country music in years. Her album The Happiest Lamb had critics lost for words and is someone on the rise. Her potential is staggering, check her out if you have not heard of her.

Then there’s Jessica Lea Layfield. Although she sings country songs they are mostly dark, broodingcountry/folk ballads which normally draw on personal experiences, break ups etc but she certainly has a punk edge to her that spills out every now and then, especially live.  This is not a review of her album but more of a heads up on three amazingly talented young singer/songwriters who I would not like to get on the wrong side of.  Jessica is about to be the opening act for Jay Farrar (Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo) on a few of his November shows. So if you are going to see Jay, get their early and see a star in the making. Enjoy.

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