Elephant Micah – Globe Rush Progressions

I’ve been writing about Elephant Micah for quite a while now and in all honesty, i should have brought this new release to your attention earlier but life being what it is, i didn’t. So, rather than review it, i’m notifying you all of it’s release.

Released on very limited edition vinyl by Bluesanct records (only 20 left as i write), it was considered lost for many years until recently, when Bluesanct found a pile of discarded cdr’s in their basement and this was in amongst them.

To quote the press release, the album is a collection of sessions recorded sometime in the late 2000′s and  reflect the more exploratory aspects of Elephant Micah.  Somewhere between sound art and song, the release documents Joe O’Connell’s work not just as a writer and singer, but also as a recordist and experimenter. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Whenever i hear of a new Elephant Micah album i get that feeling in my stomach like i used to when i was a kid, when you first buy a record and can’t wait to play it. He never disappoints.

It’s officially released today (pre-orders bought up most of the vinyl) and you can buy here. Alternatively you can pay what you want for it here. But please, give something if you can. It’s also available on itunes, Amazon etc.

For me, Elephant Micah is as good as anyone making music today and and is a cited influence on Dark Dark Dark, Hiss Golden Messenger, Strand of Oaks, and others.


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