Breast enhancements are already considered by some as answered prayer. A huge population of women are willing to undergo such procedure and some are actually saving up for its cost. There is nothing wrong with getting your breasts done, the important thing that you should remember is that you are up to the responsibility that it may have for the aftercare and maintenance, the cost you would be paying, and have a good view about the procedure.


There may be many facts surrounding breast enhancements, but below are things you may not know about having your breasts done.


Are There Minimum Sizes For Reduction Or Augmentation?

No. It is all based on your preference. If you want to reduce the size of your breast and then soon have implants, it is possible and already done by many. If you want to have a larger scale of difference, there may be number of procedures to be done, but it is not impossible as other say.  You can have an increase now and decide on reducing it in the future, some actually goes on reduction to some part of their breasts then replace it with implants especially if they’re aiming for a look that is different from their original breast structure.


It Won’t Be Your Last Procedure

Implants won’t last forever, so you would be scheduling another breast procedure; though it may not be soon but it will definitely happen. Due to many reasons, your implants might begin to leak or would start to develop ripples on your skin. However, there may be instances where new implants or other breast procedures would be encouraged or decided like pregnancy, change in size or breast look preference, and other personal reasons that may arise after number of years.


It May Affect Your Breastfeeding Capability

big breast with bra

Women who have implants often choose not to do breastfeeding, though there are no cautions spreading about the danger, most of these women choose not to because they’re afraid that there might be leakage unknown to them. If your incisions are located on your underarm or in the crease of your breasts, then there is nothing to worry about. However, if your incision is done on your areola, there might be a good possibility that minor ducts could be damaged and thus disconnecting the areola complex with the gland’s main portion making it hard for you to breastfeed.


Your New Breast Size May Affect Your Posture

Just like carrying your bag, having a new breast size may make your body feel a different weight. The weight of a real C cup is the same as an implant, choosing the right size proportionate to your body weight or to your physical frame should also be considered. If you choose larger sizes or heavier than what is allowed to your body structure, you will start to feel and see changes on your posture, there are also instances where your body will feel tired than before even with the same chore or activity.