Dating in person may be a lot of work for some, but that does not mean they can’t date anymore; they have the virtual world to mingle, flirt, fall in love, date, and who knows what’s next.  Online dating is more comfortable than doing it personally, you could check out their profile and just move on if you don’t like them; it saves you from the guilt of telling someone in person that things will never work for the both of you, or you could be the macho boy online without others knowing how socially awkward you are in person.


One of the exhausting parts of dating online is how in just few phrases you would be able to leave a good impression, or how you would introduce yourself in a way that the person you’re talking to will want to spend even a minute talking to you. The key is to have a good pitch; it should be a catchy one to stand out from the humongous population of singles wanting to find their luck online. It is actually very tricky, the fact that everybody has their unique preference and each person has different ways of expressing their creativity; things often just don’t go as you please. There are those who want to portray sexy but actually sound like a total pervert and some wants to convey innocence yet it sounds the other way around.


Pickup lines are good icebreakers, however, not all pickup lines are effective; some works well, while the others… well, they’ll leave you feeling awkward… very awkward.


“Hey, you look very familiar, you look a lot like my next girlfriend”

This phrase may be catchy, but if you are out introducing yourself to someone, this may be too breezy to use. You are going too fast, though it sounds good, everyone is aware that you have used it hundred times already. You might get some hits with it but if you don’t look like their next boyfriend, then sorry, you’ll have a taste of raised eyebrows and your message will just end up being dumped.


“Your body is 70% water and I’m thirsty”

So what’s your point? Do you want the other person to strain their body fluids and give you some? This pickup line might have worked to some, but come on! Don’t you want anything from the person other than her sweat, saliva, or liquid excretes? Maybe her name or anything about her, you sounded like someone who does not have anything to drink and is begging for a jar of human fluids; and for someone introducing himself, uh-no that might not be a good impression.


“Wow! Nice pair of legs you got there, what time do they open?”

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They’ll never will unless the person you’re talking to is head-over-heels for you. Don’t just throw this pickup line to anybody, especially to a total stranger! It just feels weird for someone being asked about when your private parts are available. But, if you are out to be a pervert on the loose, then this pickup line fits you right.


“You seem to look like a hard worker, I have an opening you can fill”

If you think only men know how to throw an eyebrow raising pickup line, then you’re wrong. Ladies has their way to be flirty, but sometimes… It gets way too flirty and sounds a bit, uh—trashy. With this pickup line, it won’t be hard for you to get some hits and replies, but if you’re looking for a serious relationship, this pickup line will do you no good. This will help you gain many followers, however, most of them might be thinking about that type of opening you want them to fill; you know, dirty minds has their ways.


“I’m afraid of the dark, mind sleeping with me tonight?”

It sound lame and scaredy cat but it might work. However, this would sound good if you already established a connection to the other person, for a total stranger however, you would sound like looking for someone to hire for the night. You could have replies from others who feel the same urge and adrenaline as yours, but unless you look like someone undeniably hot; you would just have to sleep alone in the dark for tonight.


“Deym girl, are you sitting on your F5 key? Because that ass is refreshing!”

Other than the thought that someone would be smart enough to use their butts to type, it would feel a little bit awkward for an introduction piece. It would be a good complement to say that your butt is refreshing but since it is able to press the F5 key without messing up other letters, that ass might be too precise and pointed; just like that, it’s a compliment gone wrong.

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“I bet you work for UPS, I sworn I saw you checking out my package”

Whatever there is on your package, why just can’t you be a little bit honest of what you really want? If you have indeed a good package worth looking, and the person is interested in taking a peak, then you might have a reply. However, if you’re not that full packed and tantalizing enough, your package might be rejected along with your oozing confidence.


“You look so appetizing, I keep eating you on my mind”

Gluttony is a sin, and there is nothing seducing about being a cannibal; unless you mean another thing, but if you do, it’s not a good introduction either. This may give you many types of impressions; it is creative, but a normal mind might see it creepy, and a dirty mind might either like it or throw up – it depend on how they rate you.


Pick Up lines are good lucky charms on online dating, however, remember to choose something that would best represent you and your personality – you only have that one shot to make an impression, make it a good one.