This time of year we here at YCD would normally tell you our favourite albums of the year but with time being precious and just simply not enough time to present one I am just going to give you a quick top of my head years favourites.

I can say however undoubtedly that my favourite album of the year is Travel By Sea’s Two States And The Blindness That Follows. An absolute gem of an album with not a bad track on it. I wrote about that here and I urge everyone to buy it.

So, off the top of my head I can recommend the stones inspired The Lucky Strikes, Nathaniel Rateliff is a definite top ten, Although her album did not come out this year, she was new to me this year and I have huge hopes for her future and she is Jessica Lea Mayfield. Phosphorescents Here’s To Taking It Easy would be in my top five of the year, just a brilliant slice of country music that would change the opinion of anyone who say’s country music is dead. Staying with country but not as punchy as Phosphorescent Ben Weaver’s Mirepoix and Smoke is another year’s favourite.

With a good slice of indie pop Spoon released one of the year’s best with their album Transference and the track Mystery Zone getting plenty of airplay not only on my show but across the net. Finally, I highly recommend Adam Haworth Stephens‘ We Live On Cliffs. Demo songs that had been around for a while were finally released as a solo album by the Two Gallants singer and has received high praise across the blogosphere.

So, although not a definite top 10, just an off the top of my head list of what I enjoyed this year. i could add loads more but would be here all day.

So, here’s to another great year of music and wish you all the very best.